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Server and forum rules.
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General Rules
Be Nice. Play Nice.
Do not purposely offend or be rude to players out of the game. Aggressive behavior and targeting players will not be tolerated. This game is meant to be enjoyed by all. 

In-Character vs. Out-Of-Character
Do not bring in-game grievances into the forums or Discord. What happens in the game, stays in the game, and vice versa. If there are any issues, send your complaints to an admin via a support ticket.

Just don't do it. It will be looked upon unfavorably if you are actively trying to exploit any rules. Admins will decide your outcome. 

Character Creation Rules
Your character must have a realistic first and last name. Names like Prince$$21, W1zarD**, and GaBByGaze11E are not allowed. Famous names and names from media such as John Cena and Rick Grimes are not allowed. 

Be creative. Characters cannot have backstories that replicate pre-existing people from real life or other forms of media. 

Characters under the age of 18 will be denied for RP reasons such as the adult game-sprites and game mechanics. 

Characters that are immune to the zombie infection will be denied. 

Understand that if you plan to play a character with a professional or specialized occupation (neurosurgeon, criminal lawyer, military), it's best to do some prior research. Otherwise, people in-game may find your character unknowledgeable and without the credentials your character claimed to have. 

Character Limit
The maximum character limit that you can play at one time is 1. You can apply with a reserved character for when you retire your current one.

Roleplay Rules
Global and Local Chat
Global chat is enabled as the main radio channel. You may use this at any time via "/all." Anything you say on this channel can be heard by any character who is “listening” in. You do not need a physical in-game radio for you to use the global radio. To send an OOC message in local chat or contact an admin in global chat, put brackets around your message (ex: // (( {{ ). Do not use acronyms during RP. Examples are: "u" for you, "y" for why, etc. If your character wants to say things like "OMG," you can spell it out as "Oh-em-gee." 

Do Not Mechanical Game
Just because the game allows you to, doesn’t mean you should do it. Mechanical gaming is taking advantage of the systems in the game to benefit your character, even if it doesn’t make sense in a role-play situation.

For example, despite the game allowing your character to carry 50 lb. of items, it doesn’t mean you should, especially if your character is a scrawny, feeble 18-year old student who can barely lift a branch. Another example would be a character who only knows how to arrange flowers for a living, build an entire house in one day, roof and all. Play within the bounds of your character.

Min-maxing skills IS mechanical gaming. If your character is an office worker who uses the character creation screen to take advantage of maxing skills out that is not justified in your background, you're doing this RP thing wrong.

Having one skill be a little special and justifying it in your background is perfectly fine, but having superhuman skills at the beginning of the apocalypse is not only bad form, but it’s also a form of cheating. If you want to level skills in-game, fine. If you decide to become super healthy and run laps every day to increase your fitness and sprint, be my guest. If you decide to fish constantly to become a fisherman, fine. But using the char. gen. system to become overpowered will not be allowed. Admins can see your backgrounds and stats including all perks and flaws. On a first offense, you will have to remake your character with reasonable stats, all previous items lost. If this happens again, the character will be permanently retired. Should the player do this a third time, the player will be banned. We're here for RP. If you have any questions, contact an admin. Other examples could include:-Building a large wall for your base in a short amount of time without proper help. Wood is heavy, and unless you split this workload up between a couple of IRL days, you'll need to enlist the help of others. 

Do Not Metagame
Metagaming is when you use OOC information to guide your character’s thoughts and actions. This includes knowing someone’s name from seeing their name-tag instead of talking to them or using information gathered from the forums to act a certain way towards another character. In addition,  do not use your previous character’s knowledge while playing your new one. They have not met. They would not know. As an additonal reminder sharing information over voice and text chat is against the rules. 

Other examples could include:
-Hearing OOC that someone is at your base, and you run back to meet them in-character.
-Using the information in the "Character Bios" thread to influence how your characters react to others. 

Do Not Powergame
Powergaming is when you force actions onto another player without giving them time to react, lying about what you have on your person (when RPing a full body inspection), and performing superhuman actions. This also includes dictating what other characters do while they are offline.

Do Not ERP
ERP or “Erotic Roleplay” is not allowed on this server. Doing this on the server will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Light forms of romantic interaction (hugging, kissing, etc.), is acceptable, but should go no further in game. 

Offensive Character
Let’s be realistic. A lot of people with differing views of this world exist and you may not always see eye to eye with them. With that being said, characters are allowed to be rude to others or speak in a less-than-respected manner within the character's scope. Do not be excessive with this. If another player becomes uncomfortable and asks you to stop OOCly, respect their wishes. 

Housing, Bases, Vehicles and Griefing
We will be using the game’s safehouse system. Right-click on an unclaimed-home and select the “claim” option. You can add other players to the claim afterward. When all players in your claim are offline, others will not be able to access any containers and items on the floor. Each person can only be part of one claim. To avoid exploitation of this rule by auto-logging when someone is trying to rob them, the safehouse can be accessed by non-claim members for a short period of time after you log. To ensure your claim is visible, take a journal/notebook in-game and title it with: “(Name)’s Claim.” Include in the text box, everyone that is in your claim. Drop it near your door. Ensure that it is visible. The claim extends slightly past the house walls so give the notebook a bit of distance for others to check out when you're offline. You are not allowed to damage another player's safehouse while they are offline; however, if you did not properly visibly mark your house with an item claim, admins will not fix the damage.

If you want to claim property as a faction, members may claim one available housing each. Include a claim notebook by the entrances. 

Construction projects on your base must obey the laws of physics. Sky bases, for example, are not allowed. Your base must be accessible by ground. Do not destroy staircases and do not have sheet-rope entrances. The latter is only allowed for emergencies. As mentioned in the mechanical gaming section, be reasonable about the speed at which you build. Our server time is 1 real-life day equals 1 lore days. In the game, 4 days will pass, lasting 6 hours each. Build according to the lore timeline. 

To protect your cars while you're offline, put a notebook down with the subject line changed to “(Name)’s Car Claim" next to the vehicle. When you're online, your car is free game and will not fall under the 3-Item theft rule. If they take your car, they can keep everything inside. You are allowed one claimable car per person. Your other cars will not be under the same protection. You may not damage or steal from/steal another person's claimed car while they are offline. You may not strip cars to use them as immovable blockades for building and faction claims.

Note: If a player does not follow the claiming rules to the letter, the claim will be void. In addition, if you are trying to game the system by putting a car claim in between two cars (so it is hard to tell which one is under your claim), players who see this can take their pick on which one they'd considered unclaimed. 

We are using Bedford Falls for this lore. This city is mechanically attached to the vanilla map; however, you are not allowed to venture forth into those areas. We would've liked to have this map as a standalone map, however, that is not possible. There are woods that separate this city from the rest. You are allowed to live in these woods as long as it's not too close to the vanilla map's cities. The main roads leading to the vanilla map will be blocked with log walls, indicating the boundaries that we allow for you to venture up to. Heed it as a warning. If we find your character in a vanilla map's city or past these limitations, you will be punished. If you've made an honest mistake and got lost, message an admin to be teleported back into Bedford Falls.

Player v. Home
A maximum of 3 items can be stolen from a player's claimed house per day. You can steal from multiple bases a day. If you are caught in their home, they are allowed to KOS you. 

Player v. Player
If you plan to steal from someone, initiate RP and continue from there. Be reasonable about how much you steal. 

While Base Stealing
If the person you are stealing from comes back while you are still in their official claim, they are allowed to kill-on-sight. No RP is needed from them. You are trespassing. This is the zombie apocalypse. 

Player v. Player
To PVP, initiate RP beforehand. You are not allowed to just walk up to someone and kill them for no reason. If a party flees from the scene, and the conflict is not resolved, it is understood that KOS from both sides is allowed for the next real-life 24 hours. If both parties come to an agreement that instead of death, a grievous injury is preferred, the victim can reload their character and follow that. If the victim does not agree with the death, contact an admin to mediate the situation. 

Player Traps
This is not allowed in your base or anywhere else. An example would be breaking upstairs floor tiles so that people fall through and die or break limbs. 

This is How You Died....
Dying in PVP will almost always be determined as a real death and the loss of your character. Unless the other side agrees to a different outcome, your character will stay dead. If you want to discuss this with them, message them outside of the game and absolutely do not go into OOC in-game to speak about it. If all involved on both sides come to a mutual agreement, a different outcome can occur. It’s recommended to take evidence of this agreement to avoid “he said, she said” if a side wishes to go back on it. Deaths that occur due to a breach of the rules will be reviewed if presented with evidence. If you RP the death in any manner, it will be legit and you must retire that character afterwards. 

If you are lag bit or sustain injuries while you are alone and do not wish to RP it, you can let your character sprite die and rejoin the game with the same login information. You may also load a save of your character, if you have one. You may not exploit this in order to gain advantages. Example, trying to loot important buildings like the Pharmahug or Police Station by luring zombies out and dying, then respawning to do it over again until you've cleared it. 

(You are dead if you are bit. End of story. No amount of limb cutting will save you now.) 

NOTE: Do not ask admins for heals. If you lose your skills and items in the manner listed above, admins will NOT spawn items or reward skills back. 

What happens when you break the rules?
We follow a progressive system. Players will get two warnings before they are issued a 1-week ban.  Another infraction will lead to a 3-month ban. 

If you are ever permanently banned, you will need to appeal to the admin team through an appeal ticket. There is a high chance it will not be granted.

Temporary bans will be lifted when the time is up. If a ban is lifted, players will not get any more warnings. If the player breaks another rule, they will get banned immediately according to the situation.

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